Friday, March 10, 2017

Blog post #3

My book is Tangerine by Edward Bloor. My first question is are muck fires a real thing? Question number two- Why didn't the dad tell them that the school Paul goes to has no gym and most of the classes outside? Question number three- why dose dad show favoritism to the older brother Erick? Question number 4 - why is Erick a jerk to Paul. Question number 5 - why is Paul insucre about his glasses?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Post 4

" Ok here we are how long did it take Dad to get to his favorite topic, the Erick Fisher football dream?" This quote caught my attention because my little brother said something close to it he said " why is it always about ox and football". I feel like my brother and Paul can relate to each other in that way. It's easy to relate my brother and Paul but when I difficult with me and Erick. Erick is a jerk to his brother, he is shallow, laughs when a team mate dies, and he has no respect for his parents. I guess the reason I picked this paragraph was the simlirty with Paul and my brother