Thursday, December 15, 2016

My independent novel

My novel is Mockingjay by Suzzanne Collins. This novel takes place in a sifi future where American is broken up into 14 districts but really in the whole series it takes place in districts 1-12 and the capital. Not until when Katniss my main character try's to break out of the 75 annual hunger games arena it sends her into an electric shock and blacks out in a air craft going to district 13. Kattnis wakes up with a sore throat and unable to talk. District 13 is depending on her to get better so she can make these commercial to get the people in the other districts to up rise against the capital. Now after some months Kattnis gets her voice back an is now training to go to the capital and kill president Snow. Before she can do that she wishes to get Peata back from the capital. So president coin sends a search team to take Peata back. Whene they get back with Peata he sees katniss and freaks out and try's to choke her out. So they now tie him up and found out he was stung with hallucinative venom. So now she's training waiting on him to get better before they go and try to kill Snow.

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